Yvonne Kelly  (MSc MISCP MIHFES)
Ergonomist and Occupational Health Physiotherapist


Consultancy Service

Creating musculoskeletal wellness for employees
Stay well at work and beyond - long term


Services Offered

Ergonomics Assessment (workplace office and home office)

Remote Ergonomics Assessment (workplace office and home office)

DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Risk Assessment - onsite or remote

Pregnancy Risk Assessment

Driver & Vehicle Ergonomics Assessment

Ergonomics Programme Development – set up and support

Ergonomics Training

Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Medical and Disability Accommodations expertise




"Yvonne is a true professional, in all senses of the word. From her ability to complete ergonomic evaluations in varying environments, adapt to new & fast paced work environments, as well as manage personal interactions with all levels of employees. Yvonne is an independent worker, who completes her work with precision to detail & always to a high level. As a member of a team, Yvonne is a pleasure to work with, extremely kind, hard working and passionate about her field of work."   

Paul Leuty, EMEA Ergonomics Manager,  Apple 

"Yvonne is, in my opinion, an exceptional Ergonomist. My work entails sitting at a computer 8 hours a day leading to ongoing neck, shoulder, arm and wrist issues for years. Yvonne came to my office and rearranged my workstation in such a way that the pressure on my neck and shoulders was relieved quite quickly. She advised on the changes I had to make to my computer accessories, while aiming to keep associated costs to a minimum. My arm and painful wrist issues have since disappeared as a result of that advice. Yvonne is a wonderful person to deal with. I can attest to her credibility, her attentiveness, her issue resolution skills and I would recommend her without a second thought."   

  Áine Riordan, Director,  Riordan Construction Claims Specialists

"During COVID, Yvonne carried out an ergonomic assessment of my home workplace. She simply explained the importance of good and the implications of poor posture to me while giving me invaluable advice on my office and desk layout. The increase of blended working and individuals working from different desks has really emphasised the importance of this whole area of ergonomics in terms of health and well-being and I would have no hesitation in recommending Yvonne in carrying out these assessments."   

  Seamus De Faoite, Senior Executive Officer, Cork County Council

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